FAQ for Event organizers

Thu Dec 14

Discover the details of Show Up in this comprehensive FAQ guide. Find answers to common questions about event creation, check-ins, RSVPs, deposits, and distributing funds.

What is Show Up?

Show Up is an on-chain RSVP and Event management protocol designed to reshape event participation. It introduces a novel staking mechanism that aligns the incentives between event organizers and attendees. More info here.

Who can create an event?

Anyone can create an event. The protocol is fully open and permissionless. Simply connect your account, go to "Create Event", fill in the details, set the deposit fee, and publish your event. It's that easy!

How do I update or manage my event?

Events are currently immutable to avoid changing conditions after people sign up. However, you can cancel and create a new event at any time. As an organizer, you are also responsible for checking people in and settling the event.

What are the costs associated with managing an event?

You only pay for transaction fees when creating or managing your event. Show Up is currently only deployed on Optimism, keeping costs low. Creating an event is ~0.02ct, and managing check-ins is ~0.01ct. The protocol does not charge any fees yet.

Can I charge money for tickets?

No, Show Up is not meant as a replacement for your ticketing solution but focuses specifically on RSVPs with its staking mechanism. This works great for, e.g., requesting a fee to incentivize hackers to submit their projects at a hackathon or fostering dedicated participants in educational bootcamps, courses, etc. Find more info and use-cases here.

How much is the registration fee?

As an organizer, you decide the deposit fee for your event. It's recommended to keep it accessible enough so people can register but have some skin in the game to actually show up. A recommended fee is an equivalent of $5-20 depending on the size of your event.

Which currency is used for the deposit?

As an organizer, you can decide which currency to use for registrations. Show Up currently supports native Ether deposits or ERC20 stablecoins like USDC, USDT, and DAI. Keep in mind that the protocol is currently only deployed on Optimism, meaning all transactions and funds need to be bridged and available there.

What happens with all the deposits?

All deposits are secured using a set of smart contracts until after the event ends. Show Up nor the organizer can retrieve or collect these funds. During the event, the organizer can check in people. After the event ends, the organizer can settle the event, distributing all funds to those who showed up.

Who decides who showed up?

It's the organizer's responsibility to check in people during the event when they show up. You can use the registration list on the App to help manage check-ins. After the event ends, the organizer can settle the event, distributing all funds to those who showed up.

What happens if an attendee doesn't show up?

Their deposit is distributed among checked-in attendees at the end of the event.

I have another question. How can I get support for Show Up?

Check the blog for more information, or head over to GitHub to read the technical documentation or open an issue, or support-/feature request.